Kids’ Instructor’s Course


Did you know that rebounding is one of the best forms of physical activity for children? Unlock the boundless potential of children aged 3-12 with our specialized bounti Kids’ Instructor's Course – a comprehensive guide to revolutionizing rebounding classes for the youngest bouncers!

Why choose bounti Kids?

Did you know that rebounding is a powerhouse for children's physical, cognitive, and emotional growth and development, while also providing them great cardiovascular and health benefits? The bounti Kids’ Instructor's Course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to create an exhilarating and developmentally sound rebounding experience for kids.

What's Included in This Course: 

  • Anatomical and physiological insights: Understand the unique differences between adult and child bodies, paving the way for safe and effective rebounding experiences for all ages.
  • Developmental milestones: Dive into the sequence of emergence and age-appropriate milestones, ensuring your classes align seamlessly with each child's developmental journey.
  • Exciting program design: Unleash your creativity with an engaging and enjoyable program design! Learn how to craft sessions that captivate young minds while fostering a love for active lifestyles.

Who can enroll?

This course is perfect for anyone fueled by a passion for working with children, and who has already completed the bounti Instructor's Course. Elevate your skills and spread the joy of rebounding to the youngest generation!

Prior to completing this course, you will need the following as a pre-requisite: 

  • bounti Instructor’s Course completion and certification
  • Alternatively, any rebounding certification (proof of certification will need to be provided, as well as submission of a short, 3 to 5-minute video of you rebounding)

Course format: online, pre-recorded

Fit learning into your schedule! Our user-friendly online platform offers pre-recorded sessions, allowing you to absorb the material at your own pace while preparing to become a certified bounti Kids’ Instructor.

Embark on a journey to transform children's lives through the magic of rebounding. Enroll in the bounti Kids’ Instructor's Course today and become the catalyst for joy, health, and growth in the lives of the little ones around you!

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