Unleash the Joy of Movement with "The Life of bounti"

For a small (launch discounted) monthly fee of $29,99, you get:

• Access to an EXTENSIVE library of WORLD-FIRST bounti rebounding programs
• Many styles and variations of WORLD-CLASS rebounding classes
• Comprehensive, balanced, highly-curated and professionally shot rebounding workouts and exercise snacks
• Classes and workouts hosted by some of the best rebounding instructors in the world
• Progressive rebounding programs to build you up from 2 minutes per session through to 60 minutes over 12 weeks
• Special rebounding workouts for ages 3-7, 7-12, 12-19, late 50s and above
• A platform that remembers where you stopped so you can track your progress across all programs and routines
• Hundreds of rebounding workouts and 20 brand-new workouts added per month
• 30 brand-new rebounding “Exercise Snacks” added per month
• Our vast collection of webinars, where we unpack the complex world of health, fitness, wellness and nutrition in-depth

No more expensive, time-consuming, fuel-guzzling trips to the gym! No more complicated and costly gym memberships! You're now empowered to train absolutely anywhere, at absolutely any time - YOUR WAY!

All you need to do is pay an affordable, fixed monthly fee which you can cancel at any time!

Meeting all of your bounti needs has never been so cost-effective, convenient and time-efficient. Get fit fast, effectively and efficiently with bounti rebounding, the miracle exercise, with our unrivaled exercise science-infused routines!

Attaining the best version of YOU has now never been easier.

We've got you, and you've got this!

Some more detail of what is inside your subscription (note that we constantly add programs and workouts as they are developed and published).

Here is some of what you will see:

• New-and-improved, progressive 8-week Beginner’s Program 2.0
• Progressive 4-week Foundation Program
• Intermediate Program
• WORLD-FIRST bounti HIIT Program
• Beginner SCULPT Program
• bounti BEAT Program, which combines rebounding with dance
• WORLD-FIRST bounti POUNCE Program, which combines rebounding with Pilates
• WORLD-FIRST bounti boga Program, which combines rebounding with yoga
• bounti Stretch Program
• Our teen-focused bounti BODY Program
• bounti BOP Program (for kids aged 6-12)
• bounti Kids' Program (3 journeys)
• The more advanced bounti LEVEL UP Program
• Intermediate SCULPT Program
• Advanced SCULPT Program
• Summer Program
• Rebounder Orientation Pack
• WORLD-FIRST GLO Program (stands for "Gorgeous Ladies Owning"), which - although can be enjoyed by anyone - is specifically aimed towards ladies in their late 50s and 60s

To read more about all of our bounti Programs, click HERE to read on our South African site.

PLEASE NOTE: Although you have access to all of our bounti Programs, they still are “drip” content. This means that you can ONLY access the workouts as you progress. In other words, you can only access week 2’s workouts during your 2nd week of doing the program. 

With this service, you ALSO gain unlimited access to a selection of short, “Exercise Snacks”, sorted into categories based on their time duration, as follows:

Each category will contain various Exercise Snacks from our team of bounti trainers, enabling you to choose the most appropriate option, based on your specific needs and time availability, with 30 BRAND-NEW Exercise Snacks added every month (10 new Exercise Snacks per month, per category). This library accommodates individuals with varying time constraints and differing fitness levels. Rest assured there’s something for everyone, and every circumstance!

Please Note: It is essential to always perform a warm-up before performing any Exercise Snack from the library. A proper warm-up helps prepare your body for physical activity and reduces the risk of injury. Similarly, cooling down and stretching after completing an exercise snack is crucial for promoting flexibility, preventing muscle soreness and aiding in recovery.

To find out more about our Exercise Snack Library, click HERE to read on our South African site.

You will ALSO gain access to a variety of 20 brand-new, FOMO workouts from our various different instructors and their different styles of rebounding classes. You will receive a selection of:

• Lisa R’s advanced class-style workouts, advanced HIIT workouts and bounti FLOW classes
• Lisa G’s intermediate class-style workouts and intermediate HIIT workouts
• Jono’s intermediate class-style workouts
• Brad’s HIIT class-style workouts
• Rulene’s beginner class-style workouts and beginner HIIT workouts
• Tertia’s Beat & Burn classes, Swift workouts and B2B workouts
• Steph’s advanced Sculpt classes
• Cait’s family-style workouts
• Anika’s intermediate class-style workouts
• Megan’s bounti Kids’ workouts and Afro-Fusion

You ALSO gain access to all of our wellness Webinars, where we unpack the world of health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition in-depth. Dive deep into these dynamic 1.5 to 2-hour video sessions, each meticulously tailored to a specific wellness theme!

Our mission with these webinars is to further ignite your passion for wellbeing by arming you with an arsenal of insights, tools, and understanding, ultimately transforming your approach to health and fitness. Be inspired! These webinars are not just lessons; they're stepping stones to a more informed, healthier you!