WellCation with Lisa Raleigh

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Our “WellCations” are a combination of “wellness” and “vacation”, detailing a luxurious vacation getaway with Lisa Raleigh! On this trip, you’ll join Lisa for an unforgettable wellness retreat at her favorite idyllic spot in the world, and enjoy an itinerary packed with adventure, wholeness and fun!

Our upcoming “WellCation” will be to Réunion Island, from 21st to 30th June!

On this trip, you’ll get to spend each day and night learning from Lisa; rebounding with her daily, eating with her, adventuring with her and attaining invaluable insights into living a fulfilled, healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

This isn’t a boring, sugar-free or detoxifying get-away! You’ll do all the healthy stuff, but Lisa will show you how you earn and balance it with that sunset beach cocktail and those delectable dinners at Réunion’s best pizzeria, not to mention hiking and river-rafting! Last year, Lisa also hosted a group of ladies both in Réunion Island and Zanzibar, and those life-changing testimonies have inspired her to do it again – this time, returning to Reunion!

The details are as follows…

  • Location: The 5-star LUX Hotel Resort, Saint Gilles les Bains, Réunion Island
  • The dates are from 21st to 30th June (10 nights)
  • Pricing ranges from $4k through to $4.8k (depending on room choice – see below)
  • You are responsible for meeting Lisa at O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa on Friday, 21st June 2024 at 20:30PM (South African time), in time for departure to Réunion Island, at your OWN cost – for assistance regarding flight arrangements to South Africa, contact pa@lisaraleigh.co.za
  • Pricing for this trip includes airfare (from Johannesburg, South Africa to Réunion Island), accommodation, hotel breakfasts, selected lunches, and all planned excursions (excursions and included lunches are specified in the detailed daily trip itinerary)
  • There is complimentary Wi-Fi available throughout the resort
  • Budget approximately 50 to 60 additional Euros per day for certain lunches, dinner, snacks, drinks and any additional spending or shopping (these are NOT included)
  • Upon arrival, it is advised that clients purchase water from the local store (6 liters at a time to save costs) – budget approximately 3 Euros per 1.5 liters of bottled water
  • Departure is from O.R. Tambo International Airport on Friday, 21st June 2024 (flight details to be communicated after your official booking and payment)
  • Please note that this is a ladies-only trip, for adults over the age of 18
  • Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be added to a WhatsApp group with Lisa and the other ladies who will also be going on the trip – on this group, you will be sent extra info, including flight information, a packing list, the daily itinerary and other additional comms
  • You will also be required to attend an online meeting, via Zoom, about a month before departure (date, time and link to be communicated via the WhatsApp group), where you’ll discuss further details about the trip and be allowed to ask Lisa any questions you may have 

You may view the daily itinerary HERE!

You have different choices for which room you would like to select, with the choice to either share a room with another lady, or have a room to yourself. Unless you’d like to be paired with someone specific, we will pair you up with another lady. The room choices, and prices are as follows:

Basic, sharing room: $3 999
Single, private room: $4 799

Please Note: Exchange rates from USD to Euro (EUR) are constantly fluctuating due to market conditions. The rates provided by us are based on the current market value and are subject to change without prior notice. We are not responsible for any losses incurred due to these fluctuations. Should there be any changes to the quoted price(s) we will inform you immediately.

At your own cost (NOT included): 

  • Travel insurance (Bryte recommended) – it is strongly recommended that you have comprehensive travel insurance
  • Travel to and from O.R. Tambo International Airport
  • Any additional shopping or spending
  • Certain lunches, dinner, snacks and drinks
  • Your own travel-friendly mini-trampoline

Get those diaries out and book while there’s still time! We hope that you’ll join Lisa for a week in paradise! If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us at marketing@lisaraleigh.co.za.

Terms and conditions apply. Please see the following critically important Ts & Cs:

  • To come on this trip, you must have a portable JumpSport Trampoline/Rebounder. Please note that this trampoline model MUST be suitable for travel, and needs to be purchased at your own cost.
  • Bookings MUST be made and paid in FULL by mid-May 2024.
  • Please note that you will NOT require a PCR test, vaccine certification or visa for this trip.
  • We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. Please note that no refunds will apply if you do not have travel insurance.
  •  You MUST have some form of medical aid/insurance or hospital plan, and physical proof thereof. Please note that this medical aid/insurance or hospital plan MUST be internationally applicable.
  • You must be fit and able for travel – no illness or severe injury.
  • Please note that you are responsible for arriving at O.R. Tambo International Airport, on the date of departure, at your own cost.
  • Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after your date of travel and needs to have at least 3 blank pages.
  • Please note that there are NO minors (any persons under the age of 18) permitted on this trip.
  • All quotes are subject to availability, change due to airfare increases, hotel rate increases, currency exchange fluctuations and any other unforeseen circumstances, without prior notice.

Lisa Raleigh WellCation Booking Policy:

Cancellation Policy:
We are delighted that you have decided to join us on Lisa's WellCation. To ensure a seamless experience for all our guests, we have established the following cancellation policy. This policy is designed to cover the costs and arrangements made in preparation for your participation.

  • Initial Commitment: Upon making your first payment, you affirm your commitment to joining the WellCation. This action reserves your spot and initiates the planning and arrangement processes on our end.
  • Understanding Cancellations: We recognize that circumstances can change, impacting your ability to attend. However, as the departure date approaches, the challenge of filling your spot increases, necessitating the imposition of a cancellation fee to offset the expenses already incurred.

Cancellation Fees:

  • After Initial Deposit: The initial deposit, constituting 20% of the total cost, is non-refundable and is charged upon booking confirmation.
  • 90 to 61 Days Before Departure (D-90 to D-61): Cancellations made within this period will incur a fee of 50% of the total trip cost.
  • 60 to 46 Days Before Departure (D-60 to D-46): Cancellations made within this period will incur a fee of 80% of the total trip cost.
  • 45 Days to Day of Departure (D-45 to Departure Day): Cancellations made within this period, or failure to attend, will incur a fee of 100% of the total trip cost.

Payment Schedule:

  • Upon Booking Confirmation: A deposit amounting to 20% of the total cost is required to secure your booking.
  • 90 Days Before Departure (D-90): At this milestone, 50% of the total payment must be completed.
  • 45 Days Before Departure (D-45): The full payment, equivalent to 100% of the total cost, is due.

Additional Terms:
To ensure the highest level of satisfaction and to maintain fairness to all participants, we kindly request adherence to the above terms. We also advise securing travel insurance that covers cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, thereby providing an additional layer of financial protection.