bounti’s founder, Lisa Raleigh is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and life coach with a passion for wellness. Some of her key focus areas include digestion issues, gut health, stress management, improved strength and fitness, obesity management and demonstrating how easy it can be to live a balanced, healthy life through sustainable change.

During the recovery months that followed the birth of her daughter, Bella, Lisa discovered the incredible benefits of rebounding as a primary exercise modality, and has since centered her flourishing business on her rebounding brand, bounti.

With more than 20 years in the health and wellness space, Lisa – with her highly-acclaimed expertise – has consistently grown her brand to become one of South Africa’s most dynamic wellness and fitness offerings, that’s now also expanding globally!

Leading with her rebounding brand, bounti, Lisa has trained hundreds of rebounding instructors, and established an ever-growing library of workouts, programs and subscription offerings. From encouraging aging with strength and holistic health, to presenting clients with progressive, life-changing programs, Lisa Raleigh is truly the living embodiment of her well-known saying, “Nothing feels as good as feeling good feels”.

The business is also the proud curator of the biggest rebounding studio in Africa, situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Partnerships and endorsements from Discovery Health, CANSA, Momentum Multiply, and other leading health authorities has further entrenched their position as a scientifically-proven, medically-aligned business focussed on true, sustainable change.

Between managing her team of bounti instructors, a growing staff contingent, running a full-time studio, developing products, choreographing workouts and consulting with clients, Lisa balances it all with a dedication to her family… “Balance makes perfect”, as she always says!

For more information on Lisa and her initiatives, email her at, and follow her at @lisaraleigh on her official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.