Intermediate Workout with Lisa Raleigh


Considering joining our bounti family? Let us whet your appetite, with this FREE bounti Rebounding Workout that gives you the perfect glimpse into what you can expect from us. Purchase it for free, download it onto your device and bounce whenever you’re ready!

Elevate your rebounding experience with bounti founder, Lisa Raleigh’s exhilarating intermediate workout. Geared towards those who have mastered the basics and are ready to take their fitness journey to the next level, this workout promises to be a dynamic and challenging session – full of fun, of course!

Join Lisa as she guides you through an intense yet invigorating routine, combining high-energy cardio, targeted toning, strength-building, and more advanced techniques. Embrace the thrill of pushing your limits and achieving new heights as you sweat it out.

With Lisa’s expert guidance, contagious energy and motivational coaching, you'll harness the power of each bounce to maximize your results! Get ready to unlock your full potential and redefine your fitness boundaries.


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