HIIT Workout with Lisa Raleigh


Considering joining our bounti family? Let us whet your appetite, with this FREE bounti Rebounding Workout that gives you the perfect glimpse into what you can expect from us. Purchase it for free, download it onto your device and bounce whenever you’re ready!

Looking to torch tons of calories in a short time period? High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – on a rebounder – takes all the benefits and burn of land-based HIIT training, and makes it low-impact, so you don’t experience the wear-and-tear of impact trauma.

HIIT is all about working as hard as possible, pushing heart rates up and burning tons of calories within a shorter time span. With limited time on the clock for each workout, rebounding HIIT is incredibly time-efficient and super effective!

Join bounti founder, Lisa Raleigh – as she blends her years of rebounding experience and personal training expertise – for this high-energy bounti HIIT workout! Bring your A-game, break a sweat and have some fun.

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